2018 Report

Which one of these services and amenities would you like to see more of?

Out of a choice of 15 services or amenities, mass transit was selected most often by area residents as the one service or amenity they would like to see more of. With 24 percent of area residents choosing transit, this is twice as high as the next most-often selected amenity, trails, at 12 percent. The percentage choosing mass transit in 2019 is up significantly from the 16 percent who selected it in 2018. Interestingly, it was selected significantly more often by whites (26 percent) than Latinos and Asians (16 percent) or blacks (14 percent). It was also selected more by middle-aged and older adults than younger adults, and by those with higher levels of education than lower levels.

Though transit was the top choice of residents, three-quarters of residents chose something else. Examining the choices made, the next five highest ranked amenities related to being outdoors and recreating. If we group all of the outdoor, green space and recreation amenities together, fully half of area residents selected an amenity in this group.