2018 Report

Desired Amenities and Services:
Top Three Choices

If we allow residents to select three amenities or services they would like to see more of, the rankings basically stay the same, though some of the sharp differences are smoothed out. For example, mass transit’s share of the responses, at 36 percent, is not nearly as high relative to the second most selected amenity, which was actually a tie between city parks, trails, and outdoor festival venues at 29 percent, though the difference is statistically significant. It is also significantly larger than transit's 2018 share of 31 percent. Overall, outdoor and recreational amenities take six of the top eight spots, with restaurants being the other amenity ranked in the top eight. Even when allowed to select their top three desired amenities, rather than one, it is still the case that transit was chosen most often by whites, by adults at least 45 years old, by the highly educated and by those with the highest incomes.