2018 Report

Frequency of Participation in Groups

When considering the organization in which they are most involved, most people (60 percent) say they have high levels of participation, engaging more than 10 times a year. This is up from last year’s 52 percent, a statistically significant difference. Nearly one-fifth (18 percent) participate moderately, between four and 10 times a year. The proportion of Latinos, Asians and other minorities with high levels of participation is only 49 percent, compared to 63 percent of whites and 58 percent of blacks. Across all demographic groups, the proportion of Latinos and Asians participating in a community organization at least 10 times a year is the lowest. It also is down from 54 percent in 2018, which may suggest growing social isolation. While education levels appear to be fairly well correlated with higher proportions participating frequently, income and age are less so.